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Credit Insurance / Accounts Receivable

A credit insurance policy protects domestic and international accounts receivable against non-payment by customers. Credit specialists are located throughout the United States to work with you in tailoring a policy to meet your specific needs.

Policy Features

  • Customized policy structure
  • Broad range of coverage options
  • Short-term receivables coverage for both domestic and foreign companies
  • Protection against insolvency and bankruptcy situations
  • Protection against past due accounts with collection services both in the United States and abroad

Policy Benefits

  • Reimburses bad debt losses
  • Manages and controls accounts receivable
  • Increases sales by allowing for larger extension of credit to good risk debtors as well as new customers overseas
  • Enhances borrowing power with security of insured receivables
  • Provides an additional credit information resource
  • Helps ensure profit margins

Coface is a global provider of credit insurance and credit management solutions, serving clients in over 90 countries. Find out why over 90% of our clients would recommend us to their peers. For a free, no obligation credit consultation, please contact us today.